Visitor Information

If you plan to visit, we hope you will find us to be warm and welcoming!  

Church layout

Click on the map to view a PDF on the Atlanta Quaker website.

We meet for worship Sundays at 5:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse.

The Meeting Room (sanctuary) is on the left as you pass through the greeting area after entering the building. Worship materials are just inside the door of the Meeting Room. A rolling book cart with hymnals on it will have a sign indicating which ones we’ll be using that evening. Pick those up, as well as an order of service from the small table. 

A guestbook will also be nearby. If you’re willing, please sign your name and leave an email address or phone number. Please take a seat anywhere. 

Flow of Service

A number of times occur during the service when the congregation is invited to share, and you are welcome to participate in these or not as you feel comfortable.


At the beginning, the worship leader will make some announcements and welcome everyone. If you’d like to introduce yourself during this time, you’re welcome to; if you’d rather not, we will look forward to meeting you after the service. 


You are also welcome to share prayer concerns during a sharing time near the beginning of the service. We generally do this in three parts--for the wider world, for the communities of which we’re a part, and for ourselves and those closest to us. 

Further Liberty

At the end of the service, we have a time called “further liberty,” where people are invited to respond to the service, sharing how the Spirit has moved in them. 

Throughout the service, we sing hymns together, sometimes with accompaniment and sometimes a capella (without accompaniment). Central to our service is a sermon, as in most churches. But unlike many churches, our pastor generally only preaches once or twice a month, with other congregants preaching frequently. This practice, along with the times for congregational sharing during our service, reflects our belief that we all have access to God's Holy Spirit, and that discerning the will of God is best done in community.


Dress is generally fairly casual. Slacks and dress shirts are common; so are shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.  


We have Sunday School during the service for elementary school aged children. They are part of the service until a children’s time, after which they leave for Sunday School. Of course, your children are welcome to stay with you if they prefer. If you would like care for younger (preschool age) children, you might email our pastor to let him know. Because we don’t always have this age children in worship, we have a list of members willing to help with childcare as needed, rather than someone scheduled each week.

First Sundays

We celebrate communion each first Sunday of the month. We practice open communion, which means that all who desire to participate are welcome to do so. More specific instructions will be given by the worship leader and on the order of service. 

Children are invited to come forward to receive a blessing from the worship leader during this time, though if parents prefer that they participate in communion with them, they are welcome to.

First Sundays are also what we term "Social Sundays," where we share in a potluck meal after the service. You are very welcome to join us whether or not you bring anything.


We have several methods of communicating information about the events of the church, changes to schedules, emergencies, etc. These include weekly emails from our pastor, an option to join a listserv, and this website.


If you have any questions, contact us! We have come to AMF from a variety of backgrounds and faith journeys. It’s unlikely that any question you have will appear odd to us!

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Participation in Our Community

Mennonites believe that having a faith community to support and counsel each other is important to our personal relationships with God.  

At Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship, we have a covenant that expresses our commitments to God, to our fellowship, to each other, and to the world. We are invited to sign this each year during worship in the Easter season, though people may sign it at any time. (To view the covenant, click here.)

In keeping with our commitment to welcome all people, everyone is invited to share their gifts in worship and to participate in congregational decision making. Many of us take turns leading worship, leading music, preaching, bringing bread for guests each Sunday, counting the offering, and helping to set up and clean up.

A few leadership roles (elders) are reserved for members, but otherwise, we invite all people to participate fully in the life of our congregation. All significant decisions are made by consensus at monthly congregational meetings, where all voices are invited to share their perspective and sense of God's leading.