Partners in Ministry

Partners in Ministry

Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship partners with these organizations in various ways.

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Alterna is “an experiment in Christian missional living, welcoming the stranger and offering hospitality to Jesus who often visits us as an unauthorized immigrant from Latin America.” AMF supports Alterna financially, one of our members serves on Alterna’s board, and we have partnered with Alterna for a variety of events.

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Atlanta Friends Meeting

We rent space from this Quaker congregation and fellowship and work together around our shared commitment to peace and social justice.

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Berea Mennonite Church

Berea is another Mennonite Church USA in Atlanta, with whom we work to support the Peach Cobbler Relief Sale and other ministries and events.

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Christian Peacemaker Teams

“What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war?” AMF supports this organization financially.

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Decatur-area Emergency Assistance Ministry (DEAM)

True Stories Are the Best

DEAM Made a Difference

On What Was Otherwise a Normal Morning at the Office

September 21, 2018


Today one of our DEAM Office Managers shared a heartwarming story reflecting the gratifying results of our hard work to collaborate with Decatur Presbyterian’s Threshold Ministry and ease homelessness.

A client first listed in our system as homeless came into the office for a second time, and the manager says he was beaming. On his first DEAM visit, he was living on the streets and was thus allowed to “shop” from our Homeless Shelf, which offers hygiene supplies and food that does not require heating or refrigeration.  We also referred him to Threshold Ministry, just three blocks away.

He reported today that Threshold arranged for a week’s stay at a local motel -- a Threshold program that DEAM currently underwrites up to $5,000 per month -- and was able to find him an affordable apartment within the DEAM Service Area. He was thrilled to learn today that he is now eligible for DEAM’s full services:  our full Client-as-Shopper Pantry Program, utility assistance, and prescription drug assistance.  

DEAM and Threshold worked hand in glove to change a life. The sweet irony of this story is that the special DEAM funds used to underwrite our client’s short-term motel stay were the gift of an anonymous donor who was once homeless himself.  

We are grateful to all who support our two organizations with generous financial gifts and the gifts of time, hard work, and talent.  


Decatur-area Emergency Assistance Ministry provides food, clothing, utility, and prescription medication assistance to residents of the Decatur area in need. AMF is one of over 20 local churches that support DEAM with donated food and money; one of our members represents us on the DEAM Coordinating Council.

DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection)

This joint MCUSA/PCUSA ministry is “a faith-based network of six cities providing opportunities for service, learning and leadership development within the urban context.” AMF rents a house to one of DOOR-Atlanta’s “Dwell” units, has a member on DOOR-Atlanta’s board, supports DOOR financially, and enjoys interacting with DOOR participants in many ways.

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El Refugio

An offshoot of Alterna, this organization provides a hospitality house in Lumpkin, GA for families and friends visiting loved ones detained at Stewart Detention Center, a for-profit detention center holding approximately 2,000 men in deportation proceedings. Members of AMF are on the board of directors and spend many weekends serving as hosts. AMF also supports this ministry financially.

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Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

GPJC aims to promote peaceful alternatives to war and violence, and to provide leadership in nonviolently opposing wars and policies of aggression and domination. Members of AMF helped found GPJC in 2002.

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The Iraqi Student Project

This organization “seeks to make undergraduate education possible for qualified students who were studying in Iraq, are unable to continue their education because of the violence, and intend to return and contribute to the rebuilding of Iraq.” AMF contributes financially to this project.

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Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

This is the primary Anabaptist service organization, operating globally since 1920. “Around the world, MCC shares God’s love and compassion in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.” AMF helps raise money for MCC through the Peach Cobbler Relief Sale.

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The Open Door Community

AMF continues to support this ministry financially now that most of its work is in Baltimore. While it was located in Atlanta, we made sandwiches that the Open DOOR served to the homeless community, and held joint services with their congregation.

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Peace Builders Camp at Koinonia Farm

This week-long camp seeks to “introduce middle-school-aged children (ages 10-14) to a wide variety of peacebuilding, social justice, and civil rights activities and inspire them to consider how they can make a positive difference in their world.” An AMF member is the cofounder of this camp.

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Peach Cobbler Relief Sale:

This annual auction of quilts, hand-made furniture and crafts is held the third weekend in September at the state fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia.  Proceeds go to the work of MCC (above). AMF helped begin this sale in 2000. Many of us create items for sale, volunteer in numerous ways before and at the sale, and of course, spend our money for a good cause at the sale.

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Supportive Communities Network

The Supportive Communities Network is a network of Mennonite and Church of the Brethren communities who publically affirm gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual members. As a member congregation, AMF endeavors to be a safe space for lgbt people and their families and supports the full participation of lgbt Christians in our community and in the larger church.

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