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Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship

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We invite you to worship with us.

Sundays, 10:00am     |      Atlanta Mennonite Church
1088 Bouldercrest Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship and Berea Mennonite Church have merged to form Atlanta Mennonite Church. We are still sifting through the logistics of this (legal incorporation, signage, website, etc.)

We are worshiping in person in the sanctuary at 1088 Bouldercrest Drive (formerly Berea Mennonite Church), at 10am. In light of the latest CDC guidelines, we invite you to please wear a mask in worship. You can also join our worship via zoom - please see our calendar for the link.

Atlanta Mennonite Church welcomes as beloved children of God all who enter here. As a Christian congregation, we invite people to experience God’s triune love within a Mennonite/Anabaptist context, and we nurture each other’s efforts to be disciples of God’s peace and justice. We celebrate and affirm the image of God in persons of every age, gender, race, ability, ethnicity and sexual orientation, and strive to find common ground on which to build relationships with our neighbors near and far.

These identity and mission statements shape our lives and interactions:
Our Identity: 
We are a welcoming Anabaptist congregation.  We celebrate and affirm the image of God in all people.  We believe in and follow Jesus, trusting that God’s Spirit continues to move among us.  Therefore, we nurture loving relationships grounded in care, curiosity, and respect.  We strive to be vulnerable with one another as we are enriched by each other’s gifts, insights, and wondering.  Through practices of shared leadership, mutual care, and prayer, we support one another in extending these values to all our relationships.

Our Mission:
In community, we are called to live into loving relationships and care for all people as Jesus modeled for us.  Meeting each person wherever they are in their journey of faith, we are inclusive, affirming, and encouraging.  We share God’s commitment to peace and social justice and support one another in our diverse expressions of lived faith.

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About Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship

Our Congregation

We value the diversity of beliefs and backgrounds among us. Everyone is welcome to explore their faith with us and enter into the life of our community.

Our congregational life values everyone’s voice, and our diversity of voices. We have a part-time pastor, whose voice is still just one among ours. Leadership is shared, and all significant decisions are made by consensus in monthly congregational meetings.

Our Worship Style

Our worship values participation by many. Each service is organized by a worship leader, music leader, and person bringing a reflection/sermon. 

Each service has a time for people to bring joys and concerns for the world, our communities, and ourselves to the community for prayer. And each service ends with an opportunity for people to voice how they have felt the Spirit move during the service, which we call “further liberty.”

Our Daily Lives

We enjoy times of fellowship together, and laugh a lot together. Believing that faith is to be lived throughout the week, we support and encourage one another as we invest in meaningful work in our communities.

Many of us give significant amounts of time and energy to AMF, but we are also sensitive to the fact that we are all members of a number of communities.  While serving God should be central to our lives, serving AMF may be less so.

Our Invitation to You

Whether or not you ultimately decide that our congregation is right for you, we pray God’s blessings for your journey, and welcome the opportunity to play any small part we can in sharing God’s love with you. We invite you to peruse our website, contact our pastor with questions, and come worship with us on Sunday evening! 

Participants at AMF are invited to sign this covenant each year during the Easter season, indicating our ongoing commitments to these relationships.

Covenant of Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship

In the midst of a broken world we acknowledge our need for refuge and renewal through this Fellowship, especially through sharing hospitality with each other and the broader world. We covenant with each other and with God to be accountable for the nurture and care of these four foundational relationships:

Relationship with God
We desire to deepen our relationship with God. Worship is a time for the community of faith to gather to remember and celebrate God’s actions on our behalf, and to discern God’s will for our lives corporately and individually. We commit to follow the teachings and way of Jesus the Messiah and seek to be open to the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We understand our community to be a vital part of the universal church, which is the present body of Christ in the world.

Relationship with the Fellowship
Recognizing that we are poor in spirit, we desire to be part of a caring community that shares the theological and ethical emphases of Anabaptism as guided by the Bible and reflected in the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. To make this a freeing and nurturing space for all, we strive to be open and sensitive in worship through our language, use of images, and interactions with each other. We are committed to calling forth and developing our gifts and abilities as we work to further our community’s ministry and maintain its vision and direction. We endeavor to be actively involved in the life of the community, giving generously of our time, talents, energy, money, and material resources. This includes our willingness to play our part in the shared leadership of our Fellowship.

Relationship with Each Other
As spiritual sisters and brothers, our relationships are founded on love, mercy, respect, honesty, and reconciliation. We delight in our diversity of backgrounds and of theological and religious understandings. We accept our responsibility to support and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each other and the children and youth of this community. We commit to give and to receive counsel in a spirit of openness and love, and to discern together how best to walk a life of faithfulness. We agree to resolve interpersonal conflict in the community according to the teaching of Matthew 18.

Relationship with the World
We commit ourselves to participating in the Reign of God in our communities and in the larger world. We recognize the violence of social, economic, and political oppression in our city and in our world. In response we live and share the message of Jesus the Messiah. As witnesses of this prophetic message we seek solidarity with those who suffer, we work to resist oppression and violence in their many forms, and we strive to bring about peace with justice. We believe we are called to renounce many of the values of our society by living simply and using the world’s resources wisely.